Using Video as a Learning Tool

videoOver the past few years I’ve been experimenting with using video as a method of learning – with very mixed results. I find the technical side often takes more precedence over the content in the minds of the pupils, and can often present great challenges to actually completing their product in a timely fashion. Yet even when I try to reduce the technical component for the pupils to a bare minimum (meaning more work behind the scenes for me) I still find that I’m left with a product that doesn’t perform as advertised.

I’ve experimented with several different story-boarding exercises before hand, most recently utilising a great concept Kevin Lucas explained to me, which involves pupils recording their scenes on sticky notes and then writing script and shot details underneath on a blank page. The results are that I’ve received some excellent quality story-boards, but still poor quality videos.

My greatest success in using videos were to create Vlog’s – video blogs. I showed some examples of vlog styles/techniques before hand and then let my pupils go. Finally I ended up with something worthy of watching back.

Do any of you know a trade secret I am missing? Is there a key to success when using video? Or do you think it is even a sound pedagogical approach or learning activity to use? I would love to hear what you think about using video as a learning tool with pupils.

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