iPads in Education

The reason why I believe iPads are the best tool for use in the classroom at the moment (technology develops rapidly and this might change) is because it’s already a well-established, robust, high performing classroom tool with proven success in the education environment. No-one can argue that there is already a buzz and excitement that exists about the iPad amongst teachers and (very importantly) students which means they actually want to ENGAGE with the device – the same cannot be said about cheaper tablet-alternatives in my opinion. It is the engagement with the device that is crucial to its success. The responsiveness of the device and range of 300,000 apps in the store (many of which are free) are attractive features.

This article makes an interesting read:


Research shows that basic uses of ICT is high (for example, using the internet, email, accessing the VLE, submitting homework online etc) but high level uses of ICT is relatively low (for example, developing simulations or animations, creating multimedia presentations, collaborative peer assessment) yet the high level uses of ICT have the biggest impact on teaching and learning. By using the iPad, we want to be transformative instead of just assimilating extra hardware, replacing our cameras, audio recorders, cables and wires.

The ipadineducation.co.uk website is written by an Apple Distinguished Educator and the following articles are really good:

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